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Wasonga Vivian Oliver

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology
University of Nairobi


Dr. Wasonga is an Ecologist with specialization in Rangeland Ecology and Pastoral Livelihoods and 16 years‟ experience in work related to range management and pastoral production systems. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology (LARMAT) at the University of Nairobi (

Research Interest

Rangeland Ecology and Pastoral Livelihoods


  • Egeru, A, Wasonga O, Majaliwa Mwanjalolo GJ, MacOpiyo L, Mburu J. Submitted. Dynamics of land use and land cover change in semi-arid Karamoja sub-region, Uganda.

  • Wasonga, OV, Musembi J, Rotich K, Jarso I, King-Okumu C. Submitted. Vegetation resources and their economic importance in Isiolo County, Kenya.

  • King-Okumu, C, Wasonga OV, Jarso I, Salah YMS. Submitted. Direct use values of climate-dependent ecosystem services in Isiolo County, Kenya.

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