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Dr Nayeem Azim



 A graduate of Kabul Medical Institute, Dr Nayeem Azim arrived in the United Kingdom as a refugee from Afghanistan in 1993. Through hard work and perseverance he qualified to work as a doctor in the UK in 1997 and in 2000 completed his postgraduate training in family medicine. He managed his own medical practice in North London and, with the support of the British Medical Association, the UK National Health Service and others founded a college for overseas doctors called North Central London College. In 2002 Dr Azim returned to Afghanistan, initially as an adviser to the WHO. He went on to develop a new hospital and training center, ACOMET, adjacent to Kabul University. ACOMET opened in 2007 and is already one of Kabul’s most trusted private hospitals and training centers – its medical training course having received accreditation from the UK Royal College of General Practitioners.

Research Interest

 Healthcare , Angiology, Graft Injection

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