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Brenda a. Schulman

Island Dermatology


We are pleased to introduce our company as one of the main international distributor of various Chemicals especially for paint, alkdy resin , polyester resin, rubber, Cable and textile applications. We have our own Office in Bulgaria, Turkey and Pakistan.

Research Interest

TOFA (Tall Oil Fatty Acid), Distilled Sunflower Fatty Acid, Distilled Soya Fatty Acid, Distilled Tallow Fatty Acid, Tung Oil,Maleic Anhydride,Benzoic Acid,Epoxy Resin & Epoxy Hardeners, Pentaeryhtritol,Phtalic Anhydride,Glycerine,Stearic Acid,Melamine,PIA (Purified Isophtalic Acid), PTA (Purified Terephtalic Acid), MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol), DEG (Di Ethylene Glycol), MPG (Mono Propylene Glycol), EMTBE (Eth,

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