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Shao Bo

Employee supervisor
The Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited (MCC-JCL)


 Shao Bo was born in November 1963, a Chinese national without the right of residence outside China, Shao Bo currently holds the positions of Staff Representative Supervisor and Minister of the Corporate Planning and Management Departmentof MCC and Concurrent Supervisor of the MCC Group. Mr. Shao has served successively as Assistant Engineer, League Secretary, Operation DepartmentEngineer andDeputyDirectorof the Beijing Central Engineering and Research Corporation of the Iron and Steel Industry, Researcher at the General Office of the Metallurgical Industry Ministry at DeputyDepartmentDirector Level, Assistant Dean and Vice President (DeputyGeneral Manager) of the Beijing Central Engineering and Research Corporation of the Iron and Steel Industry Limited Company, Director and Board Secretary of the MCC Capital Engineering &Research Corporation Limited, and General Manager(Legal Representative) of the Beijing East Star Metallurgical New Technology Development Corporation Limited. Mr. Shao served as Standing Executive DeputyDirectorof the MCC Group's Listing Department from February 2007 to September 2009 and Ministerof the MCC Group's Comprehensive Management Department from January 2009 to September 2012. Mr. Shao has served as Concurrent Supervisor of the MCC Group since March 2010, Staff Representative Supervisor of MCC since January 2011 and Minister of the Business Management Department(renamed the Corporate Planning and Management Departmentin September 2013) from September 2012. A professor-level senior engineer, Mr. Shao successively graduated from the East China Institute of Chemical Technology with a Bachelor's degree inCoal Chemical Industry and from the Capital University of Economics and Business with a Master’s degree in Industrial Economics.

Research Interest

 Industrial Economics, Corporate Planning and Management 

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