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Yu Hailong

Independent Non-Executive Director
The Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited (MCC-JCL)


 Yu Hailong was born in August 1950, a Chinese national without the right of residence outside China, Yu Hailong currently holds the positions of MCC Independent Non-Executive Director and Independent Director of the China State Construction Engineering Corporation. Mr. Yu served as DeputyDirector of the State Economic CommissionPersonnel Department from February 1983, Office Director and Project Review DepartmentDirector of China Kangfu International Leasing Co., Ltd. under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) from February 1988, DeputyDirector of the National Electromechanical Light Textile Investment Corporation's General Office (presiding over work) from June 1992, General Office Director and Leading Party Group Secretary of SDIC, General Manager of the SDIC Electronic Corporation and General Manager of the SDIC Entrepreneurial Corporation from March 1994, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the China New Era Group Corporation from April 2002, and General Manager and Standing Member of the Party Committee and Director of the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Corporation (CECEP) from May 2010 to September 2012. A professor-level senior engineer, Mr.Yu obtained a Master of Engineering Administration (MEM).

Research Interest

 Construction Engineering ,Metallurgy

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