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Education  Dr. -Ing., Technische Hochschule Dresden and Technische Universität Berlin, 1958 Research Interests  Phase transformations, self-organized materials, magnetoelectrics, nanomagnetism. Background  Professor Wuttig is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of ferromagnetic, ferroelectric and ferroelastic materials; reversible phase transformations, mutiferroics, magnetoelectrics, and nanomagnetism. Before coming to Maryland, Professor Wuttig was a physics lecturer at Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin; a research associate at the Gauss Ingenieur Schule, Berlin; a professor in the Department of Metallurgy at both the University of Illinois and the University of Missouri–Rolla; and Director of the National Science Foundation's Metallurgy Program. He joined the University of Maryland's then-Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering in 1986, where he was the director of the Graduate Program in Materials Science, and in 1992 became the first Acting Chair of the then-Department of Materials and Nuclear Engineering. He has served as MSE's graduate program director since the late 1990s. Professor Wuttig's recent and current research projects include the synthesis and characterization of magnetoelectric composites, organic multiferroics for spintronics, and the study of alloys with magnetostrictive properties. He has also been involved in the development of an all solid-state, elastocaloric cooling technologybased on latent heat generated by the martensitic transition (change in crystal structure) of shape memory alloys, for which he, Takeuchi and Cui won the University of Maryland's Physical Sciences Invention of the Year in 2011. The highly-efficient system could potentially replace vapor-compression based air conditioners and refrigerators, which utilize hydroflourocarbons and hydro flourochlorocarbons (such as Freon) that are harmful to the environment.

Research Interest

Phase transformations, self-organized materials, magnetoelectrics, nanomagnetism.

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