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Claudio A. Chimenti

Associate Professor
Plant Physiology
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural Engineer, Agricultural Production Guidance. Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires (May 1982) Magister Scientiae, Plant Production, August 1991, School for Graduates, Faculty of Agronomy (UBA) Charges Researcher at IFEVA (Institute of Physiological and Ecological Research Related to Agriculture). Research Area: Crop Ecophysiology Chair: Plant Physiology, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires. Category: Assistant Professor. Full time. October 2001 to present. Category of incentive to the investigation: II Member of the Department of Applied Biology and Food Faculty of Agronomy (UBA) February 2007 to the present

Research Interest

Crop Ecophysiology Resistance to abiotic stress in plants Genetic improvement of crops


  • Hall AJ, Sposaro MM, Chimenti CA (2010) Stem lodging in sunflower: variations in stem failure moment of force and structure across crop population densities and post-anthesis developmental stages in two genotypes of contrasting susceptibility to lodging. Field Crops Research, 116, 46-51

  • Lisanti, S., AJ Hall, and CA Chimenti . 2013. Influence of water deficit and canopy senescence pattern on Helianthus annuus (L.) root functionality during the grain-filling phase. Field Crops Research 154: 1-11

  • Manzur, ME, AJ Hall, and CA Chimenti . 2014. Root lodging tolerance in Helianthus annuus (L.): Associations with morphological and mechanical attributes of roots. Plant and Soil 381: 71-83

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