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Dan Hickman is inspired by the truth. He is committed to uncovering the truth in all his areas of interest – from philosophy and theology to his professional work as an R&D scientist. “As I develop new chemical processes, this passion manifests itself in my efforts to design equipment and execute experiments in a way that extracts the truth,” Dan said. “Bad science is easy to do, but it often leads to the wrong answers. Good science takes effort and commitment.” Dan always loved to learn about science. It started as a child with a fascination with dinosaurs. But then, he soon realized that there were two categories of science: historical and observational. energy and water. “To propose a hypothesis and conduct repeated experiments to validate or disprove that hypothesis – that kind of science really appealed to me,” he said. Historical science, including studying dinosaurs, didn’t allow for a lot of experimentation. By eighth grade, Dan wrote in a school report that he would be a chemist.

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