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Ian Tomlinson

Research Fellow, Dow Water & Process
Dow Chemical
American Samoa


industrial region of North Wales, Ian Tomlinson knew that going to college offered him the best chance of a better life. He joined Dow in the U.S. with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry right after completing graduate school. Over the years, Ian’s research experience has covered a wide variety of fields, from contract manufacturing and biotechnology to pharmaceuticals and drug delivery and now membranes and microbial control. One of the most exciting projects he worked on involved developing a new anti-nausea drug for surgical and cancer patients. During the drug development phase, Ian and his team confronted some challenges that required a change in the chemistry very late in the process. Ian and his team had to quickly solve and overcome numerous hurdles to meet impending deadlines, but the drug was eventually commercialized. Years later, Ian’s father-in-law ended up being treated with that very drug while he was battling cancer. “It was very satisfying to know that something I created was helping someone close to me,” Ian said. Still Welcoming New Challenges “The favorite part of my job is trying to solve difficult problems, especially process-related problems,” Ian said. “These projects always involve teams of researchers bringing their own expertise to the table. The challenge of taking the technology from the laboratory to commercial scale is always full of surprises. We’re almost like detectives, looking for clues in chemistry.”

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