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Kiran Baikerikar

Senior R&D Manager II, Dow Coating Materials
Dow Chemical
American Samoa


Whether in a s Developing water-based coatings is one area where Kiran and his colleagues are currently working to respond to customer needs. “Today, the coatings industry is focused on finding water-based alternatives because of the drive to get away from solvents and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs,” he said. “But even though we’re working to meet customer requests to eliminate materials of concern, we realize that customers won’t accept new materials just for that benefit alone. Our new materials have to perform. “It’s the best when we have a new raw material that’s still at the commercial stage,” he said. “Then when we develop samples to gauge the market and get positive feedback from customers, it’s a very satisfying win for us and it keeps us moving forward as a team uburban skate park or an industrial park, Kiran is motivated by connecting with people to solve problems

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Chemical process engineering chemical safety and management reservoir engineering  

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