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Manju Gupta

Fellow, Dow AgroSciences
Chemical engeneering
Dow Chemical
American Samoa


personal and professional life, Manju has been a pioneer. Now, one of the most senior scientists in Dow, she looks to pass her pioneering spirit on. Manju Gupta was just 14 years old when she knew she wanted to be a scientist. “In high school, I enjoyed biology and I was fascinated with learning about plants and animals,” Manju said. “I’m grateful that my father insisted that I get an education, even though his father didn’t think this was necessary. For my grandfather, girls got married and that was enough. But my father supported my passion for science.” His support allowed Manju to transform her talent and dedication into a career as a leading researcher in agricultural science that has impacted people’s lives around the world. “One of the first areas I worked on was transferring genes from algae into rice plants, which eliminates the need for rice field fertilization,” Manju said. “This helps farmers save time and money so they can feed more people. Now it has become my life’s passion to improve crops for sustained agriculture and better human health.”  

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Chemical process engineering chemical safety and management reservoir engineering  

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