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Mark Jones

Research Fellow
Chemical engeneering
Dow Chemical
American Samoa


Mark Jones pretty much always knew he wanted to be a scientist.He was a kid who was always experimenting and studying his menagerie of rabbits, fish, snakes and turtles (“anything I was willing to take care of, no matter how much it grossed out my mother”). When he was in elementary school, he spent his winter break at his uncle and aunt’s house in Washington, D.C., where they visited the Smithsonian every day. He quickly outgrew chemistry sets, but that didn’t stop him from mixing up his own formulations from what would be considered hazardous materials today. He cringes and laughs now when he thinks of his unsuspecting deacon father buying a bulk quantity of muriatic acid from the hardware store at young Mark’s request – carted home in an old vodka bottle that he found discarded next to the store, no less!

Research Interest

Chemical Technology Chemical process engineering chemical safety and management reservoir engineering Chemical Engineering

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