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Gjumrakch Aliev

American Samoa


Dr. Alliev is born on September 01, 1958 and is citizen of USA. He is currently President and CEO "GALLY” International Biomedical Research Consulting LLC. He is also Editor in Chief of other Journals like Open Journal Psychiatry, World Journal of Neuroscience, Applied Cell Biology. He also serves as an Chairman of Internationl Division of EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center on Spain and Vice chairman of EuroEspes Chair of Biotechnology & Genomics in Spain. He is also Professor of Cardiovascular, Neuropathology, Gerontology, Health Science and Healthcare Administration, Associate Director- Doctor of Science Program in Health Science and Healthcare Administration and Member of International Advisory Council/Board, University of Atlanta Monograph Series. He is Fluent in English, Russian, Azeri, Spanish, Italian and French. He completed his PhD in Cardiovascular Biology and Pathology, Neuroscience: Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

Research Interest

The present research interest includes Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Functional Morphology of Cell and Tissues: Endothelial cells, Smooth Muscle Cells; Neurons and as well as Glial and Macrophages Cells.

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