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John Vanmeter

American Samoa


Dr. VanMeter has 20 years of experience in the field of neuroimaging and the application of these techniques to the study of normal and abnormal brain development. His graduate work involved the development of computer algorithms used for the analysis of white matter and gray matter segmentation in structural MRI scans. Before joining the faculty at Georgetown, he spent five years directing the R&D effort that resulted in the first commercial, FDA-cleared system for functional brain imaging and a multi-modal imaging processing software package used by researchers at over 300 institutions worldwide. He has used a number of MRI-based techniques including fMRI, DTI, and MR spectroscopy to investigate the neurobiological basis of autism, the affects of alcohol on the brain, and pain perception disorders. Currently, he is the director of the Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging, which includes a 3T MRI scanner, high-density EEG, and a NIRS system. 

Research Interest

Neuroimaging, Molecular Imaging, Brain development & Pain perception disorders. 

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