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 Maria Mufti is a third year Medical student at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University. She graduated from Al-Rowad High School in 2012 with percentage of 98 and finished four years in Medical College. She had her first Medical Research about stem cells and stem cells donation: factors and attitudes in 2016\2017. She had courses such as: English course at Alfaisal Universal Academy with a grade of 90 at the 6th level; other is self-development and problem solving and much other Medicine related courses. Her good attendance at English classes made her eligible to take the IELTS exam with grade of 5.5. She is interested in volunteering community services regularly, as she volunteered once to be a photographer for orphan children, she volunteered also in recovering from cancer day as a speaker about cancer awareness, also she was four times a volunteer at campaigns of stem cell donation center at King Faisal Hospital taking swabs and register donors.

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