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Avril Williams

Biological and Chemical Sciences
University of West Indies
Antigua and Barbuda


Avril Williams is working as Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry in Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences in University of west indies. She completed her Ph.D. (UWI).

Research Interest

Crystal engineering; Supramolecular chemistry


  • Williams AR, Northrop BH, Houk KN, Stoddart JF, Williams DJ. The influence of constitutional isomerism and change on molecular recognition processes. Chemistry-A European Journal. 2004 Nov 5;10(21):5406-21.

  • Alleyne BD, Williams AR, Hall LA, White AJ, Williams DJ. Lanthanide (III) methylsquarates: Synthesis and X-ray structures. Inorganic Chemistry. 2001 Feb 26;40(5):1045-51.

  • Williams AR, Northrop BH, Chang T, Stoddart JF, White AJ, Williams DJ. Suitanes. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2006 Oct 13;45(40):6665-9.

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