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David A. Farrell

University of West Indies
Antigua and Barbuda


Dr. Farrell became the Principal of CIMH on May 1, 2006. Dr. Farrell brought approximately 15 years of experience working in various areas of Hydrogeology and approximately 8 years of experience working in various areas of Applied Geophysics. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, Dr. Farrell is involved in various Caribbean and international scientific projects related to Hydrogeology, hydrology and geophysics. Dr. Farrell also sits on a number of Technical Advisory Committees for regional disaster management and climate change projects. He is also one of the technical specialists supporting the Government of Barbados' review of the safety of the Arch Cot and greater Brittons Hill areas following the cave collapse and related deaths at Arch Cot, St. Michael, Barbados. Dr. Farrell is the WMO Hydrological Advisor to the British Caribbean Territories. PhD:Geological Science (Hydrogeology) University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Research Interest

Impacts of climate change on energy demand in the Caribbean with an initial investigation of the influence of season climate variability on energy demand on Barbados (joint with Kim Whitehall) Estimating missing data in rainfall time series using analytical neural networks (joint with Karl Payne) Development of an advanced flood forecasting framework for CARICOM Member States (joint with Shawn Boyce and Kim Whitehall)


  • Grimm RE, Heggy E, Clifford S, Dinwiddie C, McGinnis R, Farrell D. Absorption and scattering in ground‐penetrating radar: Analysis of the Bishop Tuff. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. 2006 Jun 1;111(E6).

  • Van Meerbeeck C, Farrell D, Trotman A. Development of Seasonal Climate Forecasts to Risk-Inform the Water Resources Sector. In22nd Annual Caribbean Water and Waste Water Association Conference, Barbados 2013.

  • Sun AY, Ritzi RW, Sims DW. Characterization and modeling of spatial variability in a complex alluvial aquifer: implications on solute transport. Water Resources Research. 2008 Apr 1;44(4).

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