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Marilaine Mota-meira

Lecturer in Microbiology
Biological and Chemical Sciences
University of West Indies
Antigua and Barbuda


Marilaine Mota-Meira is working as Lecturer in Microbiology in Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences in University of west indies. She completed his Université Laval, Québec, Qué. – Canada, Ph. D. in Food and Technology Science, 1999. Thesis: Study of mutacin B-Ny266: the new lantibiotic.

Research Interest

Food microbiology; Bacterial biofilms; Antibacterial substances; Bacteriocins; Mutacins.


  • Morency H, Mota-Meira M, LaPointe G, Lacroix C, Lavoie MC. Comparison of the activity spectra against pathogens of bacterial strains producing a mutacin or a lantibiotic. Canadian Journal of Microbiology. 2001 Apr 1;47(4):322-31.

  • Marquis RE, Clock SA, Mota-Meira M. Fluoride and organic weak acids as modulators of microbial physiology. FEMS microbiology reviews. 2003 Jan 1;26(5):493-510.

  • Mota-Meira M, Morency H, Lavoie MC. In vivo activity of mutacin B-Ny266. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2005 Sep 9;56(5):869-71.

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