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Suzanne Workman

Lecturer in Medical Microbiology
Biological and Chemical Sciences
University of West Indies
Antigua and Barbuda


Suzanne Workman is working as Lecturer in Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences in University of west indies. She completed her Ph.D. (UWI).

Research Interest

Medical Microbiology


  • Workman SN, Mathison GE, Lavoie MC. An investigation of sources of Campylobacter in a poultry production and packing operation in Barbados. International journal of food microbiology. 2008 Jan 15;121(1):106-11.

  • Workman SN, Mathison GE, Lavoie MC. Pet dogs and chicken meat as reservoirs of Campylobacter spp. in Barbados. Journal of clinical microbiology. 2005 Jun 1;43(6):2642-50.

  • Leifert C, Li H, Chidburee S, Hampson S, Workman S, Sigee D, Epton HA, Harbour A. Antibiotic production and biocontrol activity by Bacillus subtilis CL27 and Bacillus pumilus CL45. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 1995 Feb 1;78(2):97-108.

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