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Winston F. Tinto

Professor of Organic Chemistry
Biological and Chemical Sciences
University of West Indies
Antigua and Barbuda


Tinto is working as Professor of Organic Chemistry in Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences in University of west indies. He completed his Ph.D.(UWI) 1986.

Research Interest

Natural Products Chemistry: The major focus of my research is the isolation, structure elucidation and chemical analysis of secondary metabolites from plants, marine invertebrates and microbes. Bioactive Natural Products: The study of secondary metabolites from functional foods to better understand their role in human nutrition and disease, including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Microbial Biodiversity and Metabolism: The bioprospecting of sponge-associated and other marine microorganisms and their culture, to better study their production of secondary metabolites as potential antibiotics and anticancer agents.


  • Tinto WF, John L, Lough AJ, Reynolds WF, McLean S. A pseudopterane metabolite of pseudopterogorgiaacerosa containing an unusually stable diepoxyfuran. Tetrahedron letters. 1991 Dec 31;32(36):4661-4.

  • Tinto WF, Blair LC, Alli A, Reynolds WF, McLean S. Lupane triterpenoids of Salacia cordata. Journal of Natural Products. 1992 Mar;55(3):395-8.

  • Chan WR, Tinto WF, Manchand PS, Todaro LJ. Stereostructures of geodiamolides A and B, novel cyclodepsipeptides from the marine sponge Geodia sp. The Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1987 Jul;52(14):3091-3.

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