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NANOKAR Karabuk started activities in 2011, Nano-technological studies, and offers products to the public. Continuous and high quality service to its customers with the principal, a wide range of products and quality service caters to each field. R & D work is going on its way to increase production and quality every day. Young, dynamic, hard working, experienced, innovative, sincere, honest and beloved surely make a name for the sales team has exceeded expectations as soon as possible. Thanks to good relations with all the companies represented by the most rapid and successful range of products on the market by strengthening their development, aims to grow in new sectors. To create added value for the customer, to provide technical support, to establish long-term business relationships with the goal of every individual Nanokar family. This is in line with each passing day, new customers, new products, new employees will go the way of being a company established by strengthening the triangle. Customers' health, income before considering studies for comfort. Companies, with operations also took on experts in the field NANOKAR dealerships, R & D activities, and Nano-technology products and your service.

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Nano Silver,Antibacterial Finishing, Antibacterial Coating, Antibacterial Masterbatch, Concentrated Nano-Silver,

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