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Faiz Abed

Microbiology (M. S.) Graduate & Physician Assistant Student (PA-S)
Key Food Stores Co-operative Inc.


Experience Front End Manager Company NameKey Food Stores Co-Operative Inc. Dates EmployedJun 2007 – Present   Employment Duration10 yrs 7 mos Front End Managers are responsible for all customer service at Front End. They ensure that service standards are met and that customer issues are resolved. They will train, supervise, oversee, and manage other Front End associates and employees and ensure that they comply with the operating policies and procedures of the Company. Front End Managers will maintain quality service by establishing and enforcing company standards and will assess store condition and customer service levels. They will communicate and model the standards for customer service. Front End Managers will assume the responsibilities of Store Director/Assistant Store Director in their absence. Shadow at Healthcare Associates Company NameHealthcare Associates in Medicine PC Dates EmployedSep 2016 – Oct 2016   Employment Duration2 mos Location3311 Hylan Blvd Walk-in patients were greeted and shadows were encouraged to ask about past treatments and injuries. Shadows also interpreted X-ray results under the supervision of the Physician Assistant. Shadows were also present during follow-up patient visits in reference to their treatment plans and options. Shadow at Island Pediatrics Company NameIsland Pediatrics Dates EmployedJan 2014 – Jun 2014   Employment Duration6 mos Location125 Slosson Ave Shadowing a doctor is a great way to find out if a career in medicine might be right for you. When you shadow a physician, you gain a better understanding of what a doctor’s typical day is like, and may give you good experience to talk about in your applications and interviews for medical school. It’s also a great way to gain familiarity with the vast number of different medical and research environments, as well as specialties. Patients were greeted and assessed based on whether they came for a well visit or a sick visit. For well visits patients had a full physical assessment and were asked if they had any questions regarding their health or if the patient was a baby the parent was asked. Sick visits comprised the patient coming in and a dialogue between the doctor and patient was initiated so that a best possible treatment plan could be formulated. Each time before entering the examination rooms, the doctor always asked for consent from the patient for shadows to enter the room thus ensuring the utmost comfort and privacy for the patient. During the patient assessments, shadows were encouraged to interact with patients and ask about health histories. Undergraduate Researcher Company NameWagner College Dates EmployedJan 2012 – Apr 2013   Employment Duration1 yr 4 mos LocationDepartment of Biological Sciences - Organismal Biology/ Animal Physiology -Physiological research focused on determining a dose of Stannous Chloride that causes morphological malformations of zebrafish (Danio rerio) during embryogenesis.  -Dosages of Stannous Chloride (SnCl2) were used to promote the deformities and embryos exposed to different dosages of the chemical will be compared to the control group. -Rate of mortality and morphological malformations from the different groups of embryos were recorded using light microscopy. -Histological preparations were made from 10 day old embryos from the different groups. -Establishing the teratogenicity of stannous chloride using these different parameters will provide useful information that can be extrapolated to study its teratogenicity in humans. Media (1) This position has 1 media Undergraduate Senior Thesis UndergraduateSenior Thesis This media is a document    

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