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Gonzalo Ferreiro Volpi

Head of Local Marketing Uruguay & PerĂº at Mercado
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Mercado Libre


For the last years, I have been working in several companies of many dimensions. From local family businesses to large multinational companies and local universities, where I have been developing teaching assignments. This variety allowed me not only to work in structures of about 1000 people and local production, but also in subsidiaries with more than 350 SKUs, but with less than 15 local contributors. Moreover, this has empowered me to achieve a holistic view of how organizations work, as well as it has enabled me to understand the importance of teamwork, culture and general training.  During all these years, I have had the chance to meet fantastic people from whom I have learned a lot and who have contributed greatly to whom I am today as a professional and as a human being. Because of the development of those relationships, I consider important not only to maintain always honest and clear communications among the team, but also to bring good vibes to the work environment, especially when times get rough. In order to achieve this, I find essential to support the experience with good training, both formal and informal. Therefore, once I finished my degree in Business Management & Administration, I decided to start a postgraduate specialization in Marketing, as well as strengthen my scientific reasoning pursuing a degree in computing systems. Besides the characteristics previously mentioned, I also give an especially high value to commitment, sense of responsibility, well-done work, professional integrity and team work. All in all, I can say that having these priorities in mind I’m up to turn myself into a better professional learning from myself and from others every day, as I try to be the best team mate I can be.

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