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Chemistry Experts

Elizabeth Gaona Colman

Department of Physics-Chemistry
National University of Cordoba


Elizabeth Gaona Colman is a professor in Department of Physics-Chemistry from National university of cordoba. His research interests include Chemical Kinetics, Atmospheric Chemistry

Research Interest

Chemical Kinetics, Atmospheric Chemistry


  • Gaona-Colmán E, Blanco MB, Barnes I, Teruel MA. Gas-phase ozonolysis of β-ocimene: Temperature dependent rate coefficients and product distribution. Atmospheric Environment. 2016 Dec 31;147:46-54.

  • Gaona-Colmán E, Blanco MB, Teruel MA. Kinetics and product identification of the reactions of (E)-2-hexenyl acetate and 4-methyl-3-penten-2-one with OH radicals and Cl atoms at 298 K and atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric Environment. 2017 Jul 31;161:155-66.

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