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Marcela Carolina Capello

National University of Cordoba

Marcela Carolina Capello


Marcela Carolina Capello done her PhD in Physics-Chemistry from National University of Cordoba, Argentina. She received many awards for her research work and scope of her interests are Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry

Research Interest

Photochemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry


  • Hernández FJ, Capello MC, Naito A, Manita S, Tsukada K, Miyazaki M, Fujii M, Broquier M, Gregoire G, Dedonder-Lardeux C, Jouvet C. Trapped Hydronium Radical Produced by Ultraviolet Excitation of Substituted Aromatic Molecule. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 2015 Dec 16;119(51):12730-5.

  • Capello MC, Hernández FJ, Broquier M, Dedonder-Lardeux C, Jouvet C, Pino GA. Hydrogen bonds vs. π-stacking interactions in the p-aminophenol⋯ p-cresol dimer: an experimental and theoretical study. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2016;18(45):31260-7.

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