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Marcovecchio, Ignacio

Senior Research Assistant
United Nations University


Ignacio Marcovecchio is a Software and Systems Engineer with interest in software systems management, continuous improvement and quality assurance, and experience with several software development projects. Currently, he is the ICT Administrator and Content Manager of UNU-CS, where he also collaborates with the research conducted in the Institute. Previously, Ignacio gained international experience from other UN and UNU organizations – UNU-IIST, UNW-DPC, UNU-FLORES – and some public and private institutions, all in the domain of research and education, where he played different roles. Ignacio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering from the National University of Central Buenos Aires, and a Master Degree in Computer Science from the National University of the South in Argentina, and he is interested in pursuing a PhD in the area of ICT4D.

Research Interest

Computer Science E-governance Information and Communication Technologies for Development


  • Auffret, Jean-Pierre, Estevez, Elsa, Marcovecchio, Ignacio and Janowski, Tomasz, Developing a GCIO system: enabling good government through e-leadership 11th Annual Conference on Digital Government Research (DG.O 2010), Puebla, 2010/05/17-20.

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