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Abeledo Leonor Gabriela

Cereal Farming
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Abeledo Leonor Gabriela is an University professor in the department of Cereal Farming at Buenos Aires' University and faculty of Agronomy

Research Interest

Ecophysiology of yield potential generation in wheat crops and barley. • Abiotic stresses in wheat and barley crops.


  • Slafer GA, Abeledo LG, Miralles DJ, González FG, Whitechurch EM (2001) Photoperiod sensitivity during stem elongation as an avenue to rise potential yield in wheat. En: Wheat in a Global Environment. Eds. Bedo Z, Láng L. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp. 487-496.

  • Abeledo LG, Calderini DF, Slafer GA (2001) Physiological changes associated with breeding progress in barley. En: Barley: Recent advances from molecular biology to agronomy of yield and quality. Eds. Slafer GA, Molina Cano JL, Araus JL, Savin R, Romagosa I. Journal of Crop Production. The Haworth Press, Inc. New York. pp. 361-385.

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