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Agustín A. Grimoldi

Associate Professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Doctor, Agricultural Sciences. 2006. Chair of Grassland Science, Technische Universität München, Freising-Weihenstephan Germany Magister Scientiae, Natural Resources. 2000. Graduate School "Alberto Soriano", Faculty of Agronomy, UBA Agricultural engineer. 1994. Faculty of Agronomy, UBA Charges Deputy Researcher. IFEVA-CONICET Associate Professor. Chair of Forrajicultura, Faculty of Agronomy, UBA

Research Interest

Ecophysiology of forage plants Plant-Mycorrhiza Interactions Response of plants to the flood Operation of natural grasslands


  • Imaz, JA, DO Giménez, AA Grimoldi , and GG Striker. 2013. The effects of submergence on anatomical, morphological and biomass allocation responses of tropical grasses Chloris gayana and Panicum coloratum at seedling stage. Crop and Pasture Science 63: 1145-1155

  • García Parisi, PA, AA Grimoldi , and M. Omacini. 2014. Endophytic fungi of grasses protect other plants from aphid herbivory. Fungal Ecology 9: 61-64

  • Di Bella, CE, GG Striker, FJ Escaray, FA Lattanzi, AM Rodriguez, and AA Grimoldi . 2014. Saline tidal flooding effects on Spartina densiflora plants from different positions of the salt marsh. Diversities and similarities on growth, anatomical and physiological responses. Environmental and Experimental Botany 102: 27-36

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