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Aliscioni Sandra Silvina

Assistant Professor
General Botany
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Aliscioni Sandra Silvina Dr. is an University professor in the department of Biochemistry at Buenos Aires' University and faculty of Agronomy

Research Interest



  • Aliscioni, S.S.; Ospina, J. C. & Gomiz, N. E. 2016. Morphology and foliar anatomy of Setaria s.l. (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae) and its taxonomical significance. Plant Systematics and Evolution 302: 173-185

  • Gomiz, N. E.; J. P. Torretta & S. S. Aliscioni. 2017. New evidence of floral elaiophores and characterization of the oil flowers in the subtribe Oncidiinae (Orchidaceae). Plant Systematics and Evolution, em prensa

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