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Antonio Juan Hall

Plant Physiology
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Ph.D. (Biological Sciences), Macquarie University Australia, 1976. Ing. Agr., Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina 1966 Charges Professor Emeritus, Plant Physiology, Faculty of Agronomy - University of Buenos Aires Member, National Academy of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine Researcher Emeritus, CONICET Co-Editor in Chief, Field Crops Research (Elsevier Science BV, The Netherlands)

Research Interest

Ecophysiology of crops, with special reference to the carbon balance and determination of yield in wheat, maize, sunflower, quinoa and olive Tolerance to water stress in the same species Effects of nitrogen on the carbon balance in sunflower Environmental control of development in quinoa and sunflower Crop simulation models


  • Cherbiy-Hoffmann, S.U., Hall, A.J., Searles, P.S., Rousseaux, M.C. Responses of olive tree yield determinants and components to shading during potentially critical phenological phases. Scient. Hort. 184: 70–77, 2015.

  • García-Inza, G.P., Castro, D.N., Hall, A. J., Rousseaux, M.C. Opposite oleic acid responses to temperature in oils from the seed and mesocarp of the olive fruit. Europ. J. Agron. 76 : 138–147, 2016.

  • Mangieri, M.A., Hall, A.J., Striker, G.G., Chimenti, C.A. Cytokinins: A key player in determining differences in patterns of canopy senescence in Stay-Green and Fast Dry-Down sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids. Europ. J. Agron. 8 : 60-70, 2017

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