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Batlla Diego

Cereal Farming
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Batlla Diego Ing. Agr., Dr. is an University professor in the department of Cereal Farming at Buenos Aires' University and faculty of Agronomy

Research Interest

Crop sciences


  • Arana, M.V., Gonzalez-Polo, M., Martinez-Meier, A., Gallo, L.A., Benech-Arnold, R., Sánchez, R.A. y Batlla, D. (2016) Seed dormancy responses to temperature relate to Nothofagus species distribution and determine temporal patterns of germination across altitudes in Patagonia. New Phytologist 209, 507-520.

  • Dominguez, C.P., Batlla D., Rodríguez M.V., Windauer L.B., Gerbaldo M. y Benech-Arnold R.L. (2016) Pericarp-Imposed Dormancy in Sunflower: Physiological Basis, Impact on Crop Emergence, and Removal at an Industrial Scale. Crop Science 56, 1-11

  • Bodrone, P., Arisnabarreta, S., Rodríguez, M.V., Batlla, D. (2017). Maternal environment and dormancy in sunflower: the effect of temperature during fruit development. European Journal of Agronomy 82, 93-103.

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