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Branzini Agustina

Fertility and Fertilizers
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Degree Training Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA). 2005. Postgraduate training PhD in Agricultural Sciences. Faculty of Agronomy, UBA. Thesis title: "BIOTIC AND ABYOTIC REMEDIATION OF A CONTAMINATED SOIL WITH COPPER, CINC AND CHROME. BIOLOGICAL MONITORING ". Director: Dr. Marta S. Zubillaga, Counselor: Ing. Agr. Raúl S. Lavado. 2014. Note: Outstanding.

Research Interest

Fertility and Fertilizers


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  • Branzini, A., R.S. Santos González, y M.S. Zubillaga. 2012. Absorption and translocation of cooper, zinc and chromium by Sesbania virgata. Journal of Environmental Management, 102: 50-54.

  • Zubillaga, M.S., A. Branzini y C.A. José. 2016. Management and soil remediation as part of environmental careers - the case of Argentina. Indian Journal of Scientific Research and Technology, Volume 4, Issue 1.

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