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Cagnola Juan Ignacio

Plant Physiology
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Institute of Ecological and Physiological Research related to Agriculture (IFEVA-CONICET): Post Doctoral Fellow. Research topic, Mechanisms molecules that modulate the tolerance to high density in maize hybrids. Since April 2016 to the present.  Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires. Teacher of the Chair of Plant Physiology. From April 2008 until today.

Research Interest

Physiological Research related to Agriculture


  • Sánchez, Sabrina; Cagnola, Juan; Crepy, María.; Yanovsky, Marcelo y Casal, Jorge. 2011. Balancing Forces In The Photoperiodic Control Of Flowering. Photochemical and Photobiological Science. Vol.10, Tomo 4, 451-460

  • Cagnola, Juan; Ploschuk, Edmundo; Benech-Arnold, Tomás; Finlayson, Scott y Casal,Jorge. 2012. Stem transcriptome reveals mechanisms to reduce the energetic cost of shade-avoidance responses in tomato. Plant Physiology Vol. 160, 1110-1119

  • Krzymuski, Martín; Andrés, Fernando; Cagnola, Juan I.; Jang, Seonghoe; Yanovsky, Marcelo J.; Coupland, George; Casal, Jorge J. 2015. The dynamics of FLOWERING LOCUS T expression encodes long-day information. The Plant Journal Vol 83, 952-961.

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