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Caputo Carla

Deputy Researcher
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Degree in Biological Sciences. FCEyN-UBA  Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires, Biological Sciences area. FCEyNUBA. Made in the IBYF-CONICET / FAUBA  Post-doctorate: IFEVA-CONICET / FAUBA  FAUBA authorized teacher Charges  Deputy Researcher CONICET.  Head of Practical Work, Chair of Biochemistry, Faculty of Agronomy - UBA. Teaching activity  Dictation of current degree courses: Applied Biochemistry. o Biofertilizers. Efficient use of Nitrogen by cereals. FAUBA. Role: Director.  Postgraduate courses: o Mineral nutrition of crops. Postgraduate course of the Master in Vegetable production and the Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. school for graduates Alberto Soriano (EPG). FAUBA. Role: Co director  Dictation of courses for general public o Elaboration of Beer. Online course of the Center for Brewing Studies (CEC) Co-designer and teacher role.

Research Interest

Physiology, Biochemistry and Plant Molecular Biology


  • 2017-Veliz, CG, Roberts, IN, Criado MV and Caputo C. Sulphur deficiency inhibits the remobilization of amino acids through the phloem and downregulates the gene expression of glutamine synthetase and amino acid transporters in barley plants Biologia Plantarum

  • 2017-Roberts, IN, Veliz CG, Criado MV and Caputo C. Identification and expression analysis of 11 subtilase genes during natural and induced senescence of barley plants. Journal of Plant physiology 211:70-80.

  • 2017-Criado MV, Veliz CG, Roberts IN, and Caputo C. Phloem transport of amino acids is differentially altered by phosphorus deficiency according to the nitrogen availability in young barley plants. Plant Growth Regulation 82:151–160

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