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Carlos L. Ballaré

Plant Physiology
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Doctor of Philosophy, 1992. Oregon State University USA Magister Scientiae in Plant Production, 1989. Faculty of Agronomy - University of Buenos Aires Agronomist Engineer, Plant Engineering Orientation, 1984. Faculty of Agronomy - University of Buenos Aires, Senior Researcher (CONICET-IFEVA) Professor Regular Regular DE (Faculty of Agronomy-UBA) Professor DS (UNSAM-IIB)

Research Interest

Biotic interactions. Photobiology of plants. Molecular biology of plants. Functional genomics


  • Mazza CA, Ballaré CL (2015) Photoreceptors UVR8 and phytochrome B cooperate to optimize plant growth and defense in patchy canopies. New Phytologist, 207: 4-9.

  • Austin AT, Menéndez MS, Ballaré CL (2016) Photodegradation alleviates the lignin bottleneck for carbon turnover in terrestrial ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113: 4392-4397.

  • Cortés LE, Weldegergis BT, Boccalandro HE, Dicke M, Ballaré CL (2016) Trading direct for indirect defense? Phytochrome B inactivation in tomato attenuates direct anti-herbivore defenses whilst enhancing volatile-mediated attraction of predators. New Phytologist

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