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Cavagnaro, Romina Andrea

First Assistant
Systematic Botany
Universidad de Buenos Aires


2015. Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. Thesis title: "Effect of the relationship between fungi arbuscular mycorrhizal and forage grasses under defoliation and different supply of phosphorus ". Directors: Dr. Agustín A Grimoldi and Dr. Martin Oesterheld. Alberto's Graduate School Soriano ". National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2008. Degree in Biology (orientation in ecology). Faculty of Natural Sciences and Museum. National University of La Plata, Argentina. 2000. Bachelor in Exact and Natural Sciences. School of Secondary Education Nº2 Pablo Pizzurno. Alberti, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Research Interest

Forage plant ecophysiology, plant-mycorrhiza interaction, nutrition phosphorous, defoliation and natural pasture runoff. Recognition of flora autochthonous, biogeography and phylogeography in Poaceae and Asteraceae.


  • Cavagnaro RA, Ripoll MP, Godeas A, Oesterheld M, Grimoldi AA. 2017. Patchiness of grass mycorrhizal colonization in the Patagonian steppe (Journal of Arid Environments, 137, 46–49

  • Cavagnaro RA, Oyarzabal M, Oesterheld M, Grimoldi AA. 2014. Screening of biomass production of cultivated forage grasses in response to mycorrhizal symbiosis under nutritional deficit conditions Grassland Science, 60, 178–184

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