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Clavijo Maria Del Pilar

Universidad de Buenos Aires


2007 Specialist in Pastoral Systems Management-FAUBA.  2003 Agronomic Engineer - UBA  1997 Bachelor with scientific orientation - Institute "Jesus in the Garden of Olives" Work History  2004-14: Assistant of First SE, Forrajicultura Chair of FAUBA.  2004-14: Private counseling (Grupo Crea Lezama and other establishments).

Research Interest

Vegetation-Mediated Changes In Halomorphic Soils Properties


  • 2010 Clavijo MP, Cornaglia PS, Gundel PE, Nordensthal M, and Jobbagy EG. Limits to recruitment of tall nfescue plants in poplar silvopastoral systems of the Pampas, Argentina. Agroforestry Systems 80:275-285

  • 2016. Casaubon EA, Cornaglia PS, Peri PL, Gatti ML, Clavijo MP, Borodowski ED and Cueto GR. Silvopastoral systems in southern south america (argentina, brazil and chile). (editors: pl peri, f dube & avarella). Silvopastoral systems in the delta region (argentina). Advances in agroforestry, vol 11, ch: 3. Ed.: nair,p. k. ramachandran. springer, dordrecht, the netherlands. issn: 1875-1199.

  • 2016. Clavijo MP, Corngalia PS, Batistela A, Borodowsky E. Floristic enrichment of the understory increases forage production and cattle receptivity of temperate silvopastoral systems. en prensa agroforestry systemas.

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