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Daniel Julio Miralles

Assistant coordinator
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural Engineer orientation: Agricultural Production. Agronomy faculty. UBA Finalization: June 1986 Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires of the Agricultural Sciences Area Graduate School of the Faculty of Agronomy (UBA) Completion: August 1997. Thesis: Physiological determinants of growth, yield and number of grains in response to the action of the alleles of dwarfism (Rht1 and Rht2). Resol. CD 2034 06-10-97 Post-doctorate. Commonwealth Scientific, Industrial and Research Organization (CSIRO), Canberra, Australia August 1997-December 1998. Project: Sensitivity to photoperiod during the reproductive phase as a strategy to increase yield in wheat and barley. Post doctoral scholarship CONICET. Director in Australia, Dr. Richard A. Richards Charges Full-time Associate Professor (Per contest) Res. CS 6697/13 (Expte 190.016 / 12 FA UBA). Chair of Cerealculture, Dto. Plant Production. Agronomy faculty. From the day 29/5 / 13- Continues Principal Investigator of CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research) Res. 0066 (14/1/10). 2010-continued Assistant coordinator of the postgraduate course Specialization in Grain Crops Faculty of Agronomy Faculty of Agronomy UBA (Since 2012 and continues) Res. CS 6441/01. Categorization CONEAU: (AN) Res.262 / 04

Research Interest

Ecophysiology of crops: wheat applied to plant management and improvement


  • Schierenbeck M, MC Fleitas, DJ Miralles , MR Simón (2016). Does radiation interaction or radiation use efficiency limit the growth of wheat inoculated with so spot or leaf rust? Field Crop Res. 199: 65-76

  • Alvarez Prado S, Gallardo JM, Kruk BC and Miralles DJ (2017). Strategies for yield determination of bread wheat and two-row barley growing under different environments: A comparative study Field Crop Res. 203: 94-105

  • Terrile II, DJ. Miralles , FG. González (2017). Fruiting efficiency in wheat (Triticum aestivum L): Trait response to different growing conditions and its relation to spike dry weight at anthesis and grain weight at harvest. Field Crop Res. 200: 86-96

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