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De Paepe Josefina L.

Fertility and Fertilizers
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Doctor in Agrarian Sciences of the Graduate School Ing. Agr. Alberto Soriano of the FAUBA. Director: Roberto Álvarez. Date of defense: 3/19/2015.  Master in Ecology from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. Director: Bervoets Lieven. Date defense: 03/07/2007.  Degree in Biology from the University of Antwerp, Belgium (2003-2006).

Research Interest

Fertility and Fertilizers


  • Development of a soil productivity index using an artificial neural network approach. 2013. J.L. De Paepe. R. Alvarez. Agron. J. 105: 1803-1813.

  • A regional audit of nitrogen fluxes in pampean agroecosystems. 2014. R. Alvarez, H. Steinbach, J.L. De Paepe. Agric. Ecosys. Environ. 184: 1-8.

  • Wheat yield gap in the Pampas: modeling the impact of environmental factors. 2016. De Paepe J.L. y R. Alvarez. Agron. J. 108(4): 1367-1378-12.

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