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Di Bella Carla E

Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agronomy Engineer, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires (2003-2007). Average: 8.42 (best average layer May 2009). Thesis: "Relationship between vegetation, organisms and nitrogen of the soil in a grazing pasture of depressed Pampa ". Rating: 10.

Research Interest

Plant Biology


  • Di Bella CE, Striker GG, Loreti J, Cosentino DJ and Grimoldi AA. 2016. Soil Water Regime of Grassland Communities Along Subtle Topographic Gradient in the Flooding Pampa (Argentina). Soil and Water Research 11 (2): 90–96.

  • Di Bella CE, Grimoldi AA, Rossi Lopardo MS, Escaray FJ, Ploschuk EL, Striker GG. 2016. Differential growth of Spartina densiflora populations under saline flooding is related to adventitious root formation and innate root ion regulation. Functional Plant Biology 43 (1): 52-61.

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