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Druille Magdalena

Universidad de Buenos Aires


2016 - 2017: FONCyT Postdoctoral Fellowship. Title: Spatio-temporal variation of efficiency in the use of radiation from forage resources and their estimation from satellite information. • 2014 - 2016: CONICET Postdoctoral Scholarship. Title: Alterations generated by repeated application of glyphosate in plant communities and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in a pasture of the Depressed Pampa. • 2012-2014: CONICET Type II Scholarship. Title: Direct and indirect effects of glyphosate on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in pasture communities. • 2009-2012: CONICET Type I Scholarship. Title: Effect of interactions between plants and fungi Mycorrhizal species on the winter productivity of pastures of the Depressed Pampa.

Research Interest

Plant Science 


  • Druille M., Cabello M., García Parisi P.A., Golluscio R.A., Omacini M., 2015. Glyphosate vulnerability explains changes in root-symbionts propagules viability in Pampean grasslands. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 202: 48-55.

  • Druille M., García Parisi P.A., Golluscio R.A., Cavagnaro F.P., Omacini M., 2016. Repeated annual glyphosate applications may impair beneficial soil microorganisms in temperate grassland. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 230: 184-190.

  • García Parisi P., Lattanzi F. A., Grimoldi A., Druille M., Omacini M. Three symbionts involved in interspecific plant-soil feedback: Epichloid endophytes and mycorrhizal fungi affect the performance of rhizobia-legume symbiosis. Plant & Soil. En prensa. PLSO-D-16-00874

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