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Emilio Horacio Satorre

Full Professor
Department of Plant Production
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agronomist, Agronomic Agricultural Guidance, 1980, Faculty of Agronomy UBA Arg Doctor of Philosophy, 1988, University of Reading UK Current Charges Full Professor (since 2007). Chair of Cereal Farming, Department of Plant Production, University of Buenos Aires Independent Researcher of CONICET (since 1998) Member of IFEVA (Institute of Physiological and Ecological Research Related to Agriculture - CONICET) (since 1990) Incentive Program, Equivalent Research Category 1 (since 1998) Academic Coordinator of the Research and Development Unit of AACREA (Argentine Association of Regional Consortia of Agricultural Experimentation) (since 2000)

Research Interest

Crop and weed ecology Extensive crop production systems


  • But MT, VerdĂș AMC, Kruk BC, De Abelleyra D, Guglielmini AC, Satorre EH (2010) Weed communities of transgenic glyphosate-tolerant soyabean crops in ex-pasture land in the southern Mesopotamic Pampas of Argentina. Weed Research, 50, 320-330

  • Scursoni J, Satorre EH (2010) Glyphosate management strategies, weed diversity and soyabean yield in Argentina. Crop Protection, 29, 957-962

  • Garcia-Alonso, M., P. Hendley, F. Bigler, E. Mayeregger, R. Parker, C. Rubinstein, E. Satorre , F. Solari, and MA McLean. 2014. Transportability of confined field data for environmental risk assessment of genetically engineered plants: a conceptual framework. Transgenic Research

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