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Fabbri Liliana Teresa

Head of Practical Jobs
General Botany
Universidad de Buenos Aires


04/79 to 06/80. Student assistant. Ins. Mr. Sup. Prof. J. V. González, Bs. As. 05/1981 to 09/2015. Assistant first. Chair of Agricultural Botany, FAUBA. 10/2015 to the present. Head of Practical Works, Chair of General Botany, FAUBA. 01/03/2005 until 1/05/2006. Head of practical work, Northwest National University of Prov. Bs. As.

Research Interest

Agricultural Botany


  • FABBRI, L. Y J. J. VALLA. 1998. Aspectos de la biología reproductiva de Tropaeolum pentaphyllum (Tropaeolaceae). Darwiniana 36 (1-4): 51-58.

  • FABBRI, L. 1991. Anatomía foliar de Zea diploperennis (Poaceae) y su comparación con la de Zea mays ssp. mays. Bol. Soc. Arg. Bot. 27: 143-148.

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