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Federico Mollard

Head of Regular Practical Work
Plant Physiology
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires. 2007 Degree in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires. 2001 Charges / scholarships Deputy Researcher, CONICET Head of Regular Practical Work, Chair of Plant Physiology, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires

Research Interest

Physiology of stress in plants Physiology of germination Ecophysiology of seed regeneration


  • Mollard FPO , MC Roy and AL Foote. 2015. Performance of wetland forbs transplanted into marshes amended with oil sands processed water. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 187: 125.

  • Poggio SL, Perelman SB, Mollard FPO , León RJC. Guests and gatecrashers in a New World's banquet: Mediterranean plant species enriched the flora of grasslands and croplands in the Pampas of Argentina. Flora Mediterranea 25: 39-54.

  • Mollard FPO , MA Naeth and A. Cohen-Fernández. Mulch Amendment Facilitates Plant Recruitment And Early Revegetation Development On An Abandoned Field In Northern Mixed Grass Prairies Of North America. Ecological Engineering 97: 284-291.

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