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Gabriel Hugo Street

Associate Professor
Systematic Botany
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Gabriel Hugo Street Ing. Agr. Dr. Associate Professor - Exclusive Regular Independent Researcher - CONICET Undersecretary of Research and Postgraduate Studies - FAUBA

Research Interest

Systematic Botany


  • Oliveira RC, Rua GH. A new species of Paspalum (Poaceae, Paniceae) from central Brazil. Systematic botany. 2005 Jul;30(3):530-2.

  • Rua GH, Valls JF, Graciano-Ribeiro D, Oliveira RC. Four new species of Paspalum (Poaceae, Paniceae) from Central Brazil, and resurrection of an old one. Systematic Botany. 2008 Apr;33(2):267-76.

  • Rua GH. Growth forms, branching patterns, and inflorescence structure in Digitaria sect. Trichachne (Poaceae, Paniceae). Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants. 2003 Jan 1;198(3):178-87.

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