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Giacometti Romina

Research Assistant
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Giacometti Romina is an University professor in the department of Biochemistry at Buenos Aires' University and faculty of Agronomy. She is Head of Practical Work

Research Interest



  • The PIF-pocket as a target for C. albicans Pkh selective inhibitors. 2013. Pastor-Flores D.; Schulze J.B.A; Giacometti R.; Ferrer-Dalmau J.; Passeron S.; Engel M.; Suess E.; Casamayor A.; Biondi, R. ACS Chemical Biology, vol 8, 2283-2292.

  • Early perception of stink bug damage in developing seeds of field-grown soybean induces chemical defences and decreases bug damage. 2015. Giacometti R.; Barneto J.; Barriga L.; Sardoy P.; Balestrasse K.; Andrade A.; Pagano E.; Alemano S. and Zavala A.J. Journal Pest Management Science, vol 72, 1585-1594.

  • Anthropogenic increase in carbon dioxide modifies plant-insect interactions (Review). 2017. Zavala A.J.; Gog L. and Giacometti R. Journal Annals of Applied Biology, vol 170, 68–77

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