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Gustavo Ángel Maddonni

Associate Professor
Cereal Growing
Universidad de Buenos Aires


University (Degree): Degree: Agricultural Engineer (1989). Faculty of Agronomy (UBA). April 29, 1989 Postgraduate: Degree: Magister Scientiae in Plant Production. School for Graduates (FA-UBA). August 20, 1998 Postgraduate: Degree: PhD in Agricultural Sciences. FA-UBA Graduate School. 15 November 2002 Charges Regular Associate Professor. FAUBA Cereal Growing Chair. since 2012 (CD 3429) Director of the Master's Degree in Plant Production (EPG-FAUBA) from 2011 to 2017 (CD, Res CD 2448) Director of the Graduate School "Alberto Soriano" (EPG-FAUBA) since 2017 (CS 6758/17).

Research Interest

Eco-physiology of maize crop: (i) population variability, (ii) grain quality


  • Rotili, DH; Maddonni, GA 2016. Vegetative and reproductive development of stems of different order of three commercial maize hybrids at two seed densities. Agronomy and Environment Magazine. 36 (1-2): 1-4.

  • Rossini, MA; Maddonni, GA ; Otegui, ME 2016. Multiple abiotic stress effects on maize grain yield determination: additive effects vs co-limitations in two hybrids of contrasting stability. Field Crops Research. 198: 280-289.

  • Rivelli, G .; Navarrete Sánchez RA; Maddonni GA 2016. Impact of a pre-flowering thermal stress on the weight and quality of maize grains (zea mays L.) in the post-flowering source-destination relationship. Agronomy and Environmental Review 36: 79-90.

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