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José María Paruelo

Associate Professor
Department Quantitative Methods
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Agricultural Engineer, 1984, Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Magister Scientiae in Natural Resources, 1991, Faculty of Agronomy - University of Buenos Aires Doctor of Philosophy, 1995, Dept. Rangeland Ecosystem Sciences, Colorado State University. USES Charges Associate Professor. Full time. Department Quantitative Methods and Information Systems Faculty: Agronomy. Buenos Aires' University. 1997-Present Principal Investigator of the Career of the Scientific and Technological Researcher of CONICET. 1990-Present Free Professor and PEDECIBA (G5) Faculty: Sciences. University: United States Director of the Degree in Cs. Environmental Faculty: Agronomy. Buenos Aires' University. 2006 - Present

Research Interest

Grassland Ecology Regional ecosystem analysis Remote sensing NRM


  • Lezama, F., S. Baeza, A. Altesor, A. Cesa, EJ Chaneton, and JM Paruelo . 2014. Variation of grazing-induced vegetation changes across a large-scale productivity gradient. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 8-21

  • Irisarri, JGN, M. Oesterheld, RA Golluscio, and JM Paruelo . 2014. Effects of Animal Husbandry on Secondary Production and Trophic Efficiency at a Regional Scale. Ecosystems 17: 738-749

  • Cipriotti, PA, MR Aguiar, T. Wiegand, and JM Paruelo . 2014. A complex network of interactions controls coexistence and relative abundances in Patagonian grass-shrub steppes. Journal of Ecology 102: 776-788

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