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Laura Yahdjian

Assistant Professor
Universidad de Buenos Aires


Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, University of Buenos Aires, 1995. Thesis, "Study of Herbaceous Biomass susceptible to be burned in the Vegetable Physiognomy of El Palmar National Park." Director: Ing. Jorge Adámoli; co-director: Lic. Ana Balabusic Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires, Agricultural Sciences area, School for Graduates Faculty of Agronomy, University of Buenos Aires, 2004. PhD thesis: "Structural and biogeochemical constraints of net primary productivity". Director: Dr. Osvaldo E. Sala; co-director: Dr. Amy T. Austin; Counselor of studies: Dr. Guillermo Goldstein Current Charges Deputy Researcher. CONICET. 2007-Present Assistant Professor. UBA, Faculty of Agronomy, Chair of Ecology

Research Interest

Ecology. Basic and applied research to plant communities, invasions and rangeland conservation Effects of climate change on the functioning of water-limited ecosystems Biogeochemistry of arid ecosystems


  • Laura Yahdjian , Osvaldo E. Sala, and Kris M Havstad. 2015. Rangeland ecosystem services: shifting focus from supply to reconciling supply and demand. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13 (1) 44:51.

  • Pedro Flombaum, Laura Yahdjian and Osvaldo E. Sala. 2017. Global-change drivers on ecosystem functioning modulated by natural variability and saturating responses. Global Change Biology 23: 503-511

  • Knapp Alan, Avolio Meghan, Beoll Claus, Carroll Charles, Collins Scott, Dukes Jeffrey, Fraser Lauchlan, Griffin-Nolan Robert, Hoover David, Michael Loik, Richard Phillips, Alison Post, Osvaldo Hall, Slette Ingrid, Yahdjian Laura , Smith Melinda. 2017. Pushing precipitation to the extremes in distributed experiments: recommendations for simulating wet and dry years. Global Change Biology 23: 1774-1782

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