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López Pereira Mónica

Industrial Crops
Universidad de Buenos Aires


-Ingeniero Agrónomo, orientation Agricultural Production. Agronomy faculty, University of Buenos Aires (March 21, 1991). -Magister Scientiae in Plant Production. Graduate School Alberto Soriano, Faculty of Agronomy University of Buenos Aires, 03/23/2001. Category A - CONEAU, Resolution 369/99. -Student of the Doctoral Program of the School for Graduates of the Faculty of Agronomy University of Buenos Aires. Actual charge Acting Assistant Professor, Industrial Crops. Faculty of Agronomy - University of Buenos Aires.

Research Interest

Ecophysiology of grain crops, with special interest in yield determination potential in sunflower. - Canopy structure in grain crops: uniform, uneven and intersections.


  • de la Fuente, E., Gil, A., Lenardis, A., López Pereira, M., Suárez, S., Ghersa, C., and Yaber Grass, M. 2003. Effects of site degradation level on winter crops: grain, essential oils, and biomass production. Agriculture, Ecosystems and environmental. Pp. 159-169.

  • Grassini, P., Indaco, G., López Pereira, M., Hall, A.J., Trápani, N. 2007. Responses to short-term to waterlogging stress during grain filling in sunflower. Field Crops Research 101 (3):352-363.

  • López Pereira, M., Berney, A., Hall, A., Trápani, N. 2008.Contribution of pre anthesis photoassimilates to grain yield: its relationship with yield in Argentine sunflower cultivars released between 1930 and 1995. Field Crops Research. 105(1-2): 88-96.

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